What is GoalQueste, and how can you help me?

GoalQueste is a full-service financial advisory firm dedicated to being human, objective, transparent and affordable. We are a "fee-only" firm and accept no commissions of any shape or form from any investment, insurance, or other financial product companies. GoalQueste advises in all major areas of financial planning. Our Advisors are fiduciaries who can help you and your family plan for retirement, homeownership, college expenses, insurance strategy, estate and will planning, and much, much more. We can help you organize your life, alleviate your financial burdens, and be your financial guide.

Who can benefit from financial planning?

Everyone! Whatever your goals, it's important to have a plan for achieving them, financially. Clients seek financial planners to help them weather the current markets, save for college, develop an insurance and protection plan, handle divorce, plan for retirement, plan for marriage, manage their tax burden, and consider wills and estate planning. To learn more about best client relationships, click here.

How long does it take to complete a financial plan?

It takes about one month to complete the Financial Plan portion of the advisory process. However, many clients find that they would like more time to complete the process and may take as long as several weeks to a few months. Together, you and your Advisor determine how quickly you would like to walk through the financial planning process.

Will I have to sign a contract?

By law, we are required to deliver and sign a written contract with all of our clients. You may cancel your contract at any time, and we offer a full money-back guarantee if you cancel within the first 30 days.

When is the appropriate time to start financial planning?

It is never too soon to begin planning for your financial future. No matter what stage of life you're in, chances are, you could be doing more towards achieving your goals and you will run into a financial question sooner or later. A financial planner could help you with these questions.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes. You may cancel your advisory services at any time.


What payment options do you accept?

GoalQueste accepts checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and the option to have our fees deducted directly from your accounts under our management.

What does fee-only mean?

"Fee-Only" means that GoalQueste will never accept commissions in any shape or form from any investments, insurance, or other financial product companies. Many financial advisors DO accept commissions from investment and insurance companies, in return for selling you these companies' products. Advisors who DO accept commissions are called fee-based or commission-based planners. In general, you pay for these commissions in the form of loads or high expense ratios. As a result, commissions may reduce your advisor's objectivity while drastically increasing your overall costs.

What does fiduciary standard mean?

The Fiduciary Standard is the highest legal standard for financial advisors. By following this standard, GoalQueste is bound, by law, to act only in our clients' best interests and to avoid all conflicts of interest. Most financial advisory firms do not operate under the Fiduciary Standard. Rather, they operate under the Suitability Standard, a lower legal standard that does NOT require advisors to avoid all conflicts of interest and provides a lesser consumer protection. To learn more about the Fiduciary Standard, click here.

Does GoalQueste own, manage, or have interest in any proprietary financial products which may create a conflict of interest?

No. GoalQueste does not own, manage, or have any interest in any proprietary investments, insurance, or other financial products. Some financial advisory firms do have proprietary products and encourage their advisors to push their own products. This creates a conflict of interest. GoalQueste firmly avoids any and all such conflicts of interest.

Does GoalQueste maintain relationships or partnerships with other financial product companies that may create a conflict of interest?

No. GoalQueste does not maintain any marketing, distribution, or revenue-sharing relationships or partnerships with any investment, insurance, or other financial services companies. That is, we do not receive commissions, reimbursements, "soft dollar" payments, or any other payments of any shape or form from any financial services companies. Many other firms do accept commissions, marketing reimbursements, or "soft dollar" payments, which create conflicts of interest. At GoalQueste, we are absolutely committed to avoiding any and all conflicts of interest.


Do I need to be a U.S. Citizen to use the services?

Yes. Unfortunately, due to issues of tax code and compliance, GoalQueste, along with most financial planning firms, serves only U.S. citizens and permanent residents at this time.

Is there a minimum income or asset level requirement?

No! Unlike many financial advisors, we do not maintain a minimum income or asset level requirement. GoalQueste is designed to provide financial planning for everyone, regardless of income or asset level.

If you create a financial plan for me, am I obligated to purchase the recommended products?

No. In order to achieve your financial goals, you may need to purchase investments and insurance products. Your GoalQueste Advisor will do the research and make recommendations on which products to acquire. However, you are under no obligation to purchase these products; nor will you be pressured to do so. Because GoalQueste does not receive any commissions, reimbursements, or other payments for selling you products, our only concern is to act in your best interest. Hence, our advisors will not pressure you to purchase any products.

How do I get started?

GoalQueste advisory relationships begin with a Complimentary Initial Consultation. Start your free trial.



Your needs and goals change over time. That's why it’s important to review your financial plan with your financial advisor on an ongoing basis.

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