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At GoalQueste, we believe that a small team of highly experienced and specialized individuals is the most flexible and responsive way to help you develop brilliantly. Our entire focus is on your needs, with no heavy bureaucracy to get in the way, and no commissions to fog our lens. We take our fiduciary responsibility seriously.


Lisa A. Broome, CFP®

With investments, as with diets, fads come and go. And too often people expect their advisor to have a crystal ball to tell them how to invest their money – even though they know outrageous promises virtually never deliver over the long term.

There is no crystal ball and chasing after investing fads is never a good idea. The most successful investors work with an advisor who measures their financial plan to determine how much risk they need to take to achieve it. And they know that broad diversification, a prudent understanding of historical returns and controlling fees and taxes is always the most sensible way to realize their investment goals.

Over her career Lisa has managed hundreds of millions of dollars as an investment advisor, portfolio manager, research analyst and trader. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and graduate of Drexel’s LeBow College of Business, her steady, grounded approach has helped her clients weather the bull and bear markets that have affected so many other investors.

Lisa invests in her community with the same passion and dedication. She and her family live in Upper Dublin Township, Pennsylvania, where she volunteers for several organizations as a Board member, coach and mentor.

Erik Evans, CFP®

Erik has a rather odd definition of wealth, one that encompasses much more than piling money into various investment vehicles. He developed his definition firsthand, helping people of the former Soviet Union grasp the brand-new concept of entrepreneurialism. It quickly became apparent that the greatest asset of all is having the freedom to plan one’s own future. Money is simply the vehicle that gets you there and knowing how to use it for good is the key.

Twelve years later, Erik returned to the States and earned his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER designation, eager to share his approach with those who also see wealth as a powerful means to fulfilling a meaningful life. A former ex-pat himself, he serves as home base for many US professionals working abroad, and has a special place in his heart for small business owners.

Consulting more than forty businesses over his career, he recently established a thriving dental practice. He makes time to provide financial counseling to low-income families in Philadelphia, and frequently lectures at local universities on dental and medical start-ups. Most of his clients value his keen attention to detail, extensive financial experience and sharp focus. Others just like to meet to discuss current political and economic affairs in Eastern Europe, and to hear him speak Russian with Marianna.


Your needs and goals change over time. That's why it’s important to review your financial plan with your financial advisor on an ongoing basis.

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