Your needs and goals change over time. That's why it’s important to review your financial plan with your financial advisor on an ongoing basis.

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How does GoalQueste maintain financial independence?

GoalQueste never takes direct custody of your money, even if you elect to use our optional Portfolio Management services. Your money is always held by third-party institutions, including your bank and brokerage company. Those third-party providers will directly send you regular statements of your account balances and transaction activities. GoalQueste will never ask you for your login information for those third-party providers.

Our mission is to provide you with the advice that is needed to accumulate, invest, and eventually spend your money to help you achieve your lifetime goals. GoalQueste does not need to directly serve as custodian of your funds in order to help you reach your objectives.

How does GoalQueste safeguard my information?

GoalQueste does not ask you for login information for accounts held at other financial institutions.

And we never ask for your login information for other online accounts, including your brokerage, bank, and credit card accounts. Instead, at GoalQueste we gather the information that we need using our own secure "fact finding" interview process that does not require you to divulge your secure login information for other financial institutions.

Web Browser Security

Encryption: GoalQueste uses web browsers that support 256-bit encryption to log in to your account. In addition, we ensure that you have a secure online session through the use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. The letters "https" instead of "http" in the address bar indicate that the session is secure. Encrypted information is simply scrambled data. Once scrambled, the data can only be read after it has been decrypted. Decryption mathematically unscrambles the information using a secure session "Key". To date no one has been able to crack 128 bit encrypted data let alone 256 bit encryption. This advanced level of encryption uses a special algorithm making the code a trillion times stronger.

Validation Certificates: The most recent versions of Internet browsers identify certificates for secure and trusted websites. iQueste, our client portal, holds the highest validation certificate, so, part of your browser address bar will be colored green to indicate that iQueste is a trusted website.

Login Security

Account Password: Each User has a unique User Name and Password. If three consecutive, incorrect login attempts are made, the system automatically locks the account for a period of 10 minutes, rendering manual or programmatic hacking attempts ineffective. If the account is accidentally locked or a password forgotten, the "forgot password" button can be selected on the login screen and a temporary password will be sent to the registered email address. User IDs and Passwords are never given out over the phone or sent to email addresses that are not pre-registered with the account. No one has access to an individual's password unless they supply it. As added protection for financial information, the system can instruct the user's browser to not store any financial information on the user's computer.

Security Image: When you set up your online account with us, you will be asked to choose a security image. We will display this image each and every time you log in to your iQueste online account. Do not log in unless you see a security image and identify it as the image that you have chosen.

Security Questions: If you are using a computer that we don't recognize, you will be asked to answer one of the security questions you created when setting up your account. You can change these security questions at any time from your account profile.

Time-out: You will be automatically logged out of your account after a certain period of inactivity. This will reduce the chance of unauthorized access to your iQueste account.

Firewalls: All iQueste equipment and applications are secured behind firewalls. Firewalls are security devices that create a barrier between the wide-open Internet and the equipment and applications used by iQueste. Firewalls limit ways that can inflict harm on data, equipment or applications. All traffic detected to and from iQueste's system must pass through these firewalls, including access from iQueste's intranet. The firewalls are also used to separate databases containing your data from GoalQueste's web and application servers.

Intrusion Detection: iQueste is monitored and policed for intrusion attempts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Any detected intrusion attempts are analyzed to determine the identity of the intruders and the extent of the intrusion.

Password Protection and Data Security: Every user's password and account data are stored and transmitted in an encrypted format at all times across multiple, distributed database systems, all securely housed at a state of the art third party hosting service that provides enhanced physical security, fire protection and electronic shielding. No one but the user has access to such user’s password.

Audits and Inspections: iQueste's security infrastructure is regularly audited and inspected to ensure the security tools utilized are up to date.

Physical Security: iQueste provides its service from a secure environment operated by a third-party hosting service (currently SunGard Data Systems). Security personnel monitor the system 24 hours a day. Access to servers requires multiple levels of authentication, including biometrics (finger print scanning) procedures to enter the production hosting facility. iQueste restricts physical access to its equipment to a very select group of authorized personnel only.

SSL: All information is transmitted through Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which creates an encrypted connection between a user's browser and the iQueste's web servers. This prevents information from being stolen while it is being transmitted over the Internet.